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Jenn’s Team Second After Tech Team

2005-07-29 Comments off

Jenn’s “Pirates” team from the Edmonton Aquamasters are in second behind a very strong Calgary team in the Team event in World Masters Games after the first part, the technical team. The free team swims Sunday.

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Synchro Starts Today at World Masters Games

2005-07-28 Comments off

Edmonton is hosting the World Masters Games. It’s a huge international sporting competition for masters atheletes. There are tens of thousands of atheletes in numerous different sports here in Edmonton for the games.

Jenn is both swimming in and managing the meet for synchronized swimming at the games. She swims technical team routine tomorrow and then the free team on Sunday. She’ll pretty much be at the pool full time for the next four days. I’ll be taking the kids down to watch Friday and Sunday.

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I Made It To The Office Today

2005-07-27 Comments off

It’s amazing how many things can break when people are out for a day or two.

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Sick but Working Today

2005-07-26 Comments off

I’m still at home, chugging kaopectate, but working on my beloved security policy. It isn’t really possible to design IT solutions without a security policy, especially when the solutions provide new means of access to data. We have a security policy which was formerly comprehensive, but with some of our new business initiatives that involve IT stuff, we are providing new types of access and access over the wire to data that we didn’t have before, so these items are not covered by the security policy. I got army-volunteered to write the updates.

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Sick Today

2005-07-25 Comments off

I’m not moving too far from the washroom today. One of the worst things about having colitis is that certain bugs and certain foods of questionable origin that don’t bother other people can really hit you hard.

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Devon Freeze-or-Fry

2005-07-25 Comments off

The kids swam in the Devon swim meet this past weekend. The weather sucked. It was raining and we had gale-force winds. Mark and I tried setting up a tarp for protection from the rain, but it just about took the fence we attached it to right out of the ground.

When we got to the meet we got an unwelcome suprise: There were no six-and-under events. Mack was entered in nothing. The coach had made a mistake in thinking there were going to be six-and-under swims, so he had submitted entries for Mack in that age group. He was off getting married on Saturday so he wasn’t at teh meet, but his assistant, Dawn, deck-entered Mack in the same eight-and-under events that he would have swum in six-and-under. The worst part is that if they had had six-and-under, Mack would have won the gold medal, but in eight-and-under he was out of the running placing about sixth overall. He did some really good swims, and he wasn’t too broken up about not winning a medal, but he didn’t like having to swim with the eight-year-olds. He did manage to swim the breast stroke event without getting disqualified, which for a six-year-old is quite an accomplishment. I’m proud of him.

Emily won 50 free and 25 back, and another girl won 25 breast and 100 IM in eight-and-under, and then the two of them squared off for the aggregate in 25 free. The other girl won it, and I think Emily was quite suprised. She go the silver aggregate rather than the gold. She says she won’t be letting that girl beat her again. She’s determined to win a gold at Regionals. I’m proud of her determination, but I just like watching her and mack race.

Our friends’ kids Brianne and Evan did pretty well too, and I think Brianne even did some best times despite the tough weather conditions. Evan and Brianne have come a long way this year. Brianne could even make Provincials if she has a good meet at Regionals.

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Late Night With VMWare Server

2005-07-22 Comments off

I put our virtualized records management servers into production last night (and this morning). I had built working virtual servers of our two TRIM servers in Engineering this week, and all I had to do was to add RAM to a server, build a 3-drive RAID 5 array with the built-in RAID controller, install an OS, install VMWare GSX server, and copy over the virtual machines. Hah.

Installing RAM and building the RAID array went fine. Installing the OS (SUSE Linux Pro 9.3) went fine. Installing VMWare went OK, Copying over the virtual machines worked fine. Everything ran, except my third virtual machine, the OpenBSD transparent firewall I had built, would not route the packets. I’m not sure why, and even though I spent a couple of hours on it, I couldn’t get it to work. I ended up just bridging the TRIM virtual machines directly to the physical network the way they were on the physical machines, until I figure out the problem.

Then, when I rebooted the server, VMWare GSX server wouldn’t start up properly, or sometimes it would start but the web interface wouldnt’ start, or the management console would only connect from the local host but not over the network. I spent some time troubleshooting this, and decided to screw it, because I had a reliable working GSX server in Engineering running on SLES9 / Open Enterprise Server, so I just re-installed the OS as SLES9. I was pleased that I had decided to store the virtual machines on a separate partition, because I didn’t have to re-copy them over. After getting everything working again, the firewall still wouldn’t route packets, but the server would start cleanly, the virtual machines would start properly, and the remote console would connect as expected.

My final gotcha was that after the OS rebuild, the TRIM application wouldn’t connect to Oracle. That only took me 10 minutes to figure out though. I went over to the Oracle server, and looked at the crontab file. At 10:00 PM there was a script to stop the Oracle services. At 2:00 AM there was a script to start it up again. I looked at my watch and it was 1:50 AM. I waited 15 minutes to let Oracle start properly, and then did some testing. Everything worked properly, so I packed it in and left some time around 3:00 AM.

Goodbye James Doohan

2005-07-20 Comments off

I loved the character “Scotty” from Star Trek, and indeed that character was one of the influences that initially interested me in engineering, my chosen career.

Today, James Doohan, the wonderful and personable actor who played Mr Scott, passed away at the age of 85. I, along with many other Trekkies, am saddened to hear the news that he’s gone, and I hope his family are well.

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Klaus’s 75th Birthday

2005-07-17 Comments off

We celebrated Jenn’s dad’s 75th birthday today. Klaus, despite a recent heart problem, is in good health, and you’d never know he’s 75. Still working as a long-haul trucker (except for a few weeks off with his heart problem), you wouldn’t guess him to be over 60. I hope he has many more birthdays to celebrate.

What else is over 75 years old:

  • Twinkies, that iconic American treat, although I don’t think I’d eat a 75-year-old one
  • Radio Moscow, later renamed The Voice of Russia
  • Craftsman Tools Catalog from Sears (actually, 78)
  • Micky Mouse, icon of perpetual copyright and corporate prevention of public domain
  • Yassar Arafat, although he didn’t make it too far beyond that
  • The Chrysler Building in New York City
  • NBC Radio and Television Network, and Television itself
  • Penicillin
  • Sliced Bread (Klaus might be the greatest thing since sliced bread!)
  • Pez candy
  • Technicolor
  • Bubble gum
  • Yo Yo’s
  • Scotch Tape
  • Jet Engines
  • Frozen food
  • Neoprene
  • The Electric Razor
  • The planet Pluto was discovered 75 years ago!

Happy Birthday Klaus.

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Stony Plain Swim Meet

2005-07-16 Comments off

The kids got their first chance to swim in an outdoor meet this year today. It was also their first time swimming outdoors during crappy rainy weather. Considering the conditions, they did well and I’m proud of their performance.

Emily did the 25 back, 25 breast, 25 free and 100 IM. She won them all, even the breast, which is not traditionally a family-best stroke. Mine always sucked, and until the last few weeks Emily always struggled with it. The coaches at the Sailfish have been doing an excellent job working with her though, and she has come a long way in breast. She won the 8 & U girls aggregate at the meet.

Mack swam 50 free, 25 back, 25 breast and 25 free. He held his own, considering there was no 6 & U age group at the meet and he had to swim with the 8 & U boys. He placed 5th in the 50 free, 2nd (!) in the 25 back, 6th in the 25 free, and got dq’ed in the 25 breast. He worked hard, and just had a little lapse of concentration on technique in the breast that got him dq’ed.

The Brand kids did well today too, with Brianne moving up the rankings and Evan showing some best times. Evan also swam the 100 IM for the first time ever, which was exciting.

The Sailfish team did well too, with a total of eight age group aggregate medals, several of which were gold. Not a bad showing for a cold day in the rain.

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