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Boring Day in the Lab

Today is a day for building basic workstations and servers in the lab in preparation for the next batch of testing and hacking. This part’s boring, which is why I like to spend the least possible time on it. Hence, imaging software and scripted installations are my friend.

The lab needs a better name than “The Lab”. Any suggestions?

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  1. Oli
    2004-08-27 at 11:54

    How about “Engineering”, Scotty?

    Too obvious?
    Too annoying?

    I usually embrace my trekkiness instead of shying away from it, but then again my name isn’t Spock or something… ;)

    BTW, I Read your comments on Wil’s interview. I also read his blog religiously and find it refreshingly candid and straightforward.

    Keep up the blogging

  2. 2004-08-27 at 11:57

    Perfect Oli, thanks! Now I just have to find a nice Star Trek “Engineering” sign for the door.

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