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Windows Patches Galore

2004-09-28 Leave a comment

Today’s entertainment, courtesy of Microsoft, is patching dozens of apps and OSes on hundreds of machines in our organization. There is a nice buffer overrun exploit in routines that virtually everything Microsoft makes, that allows hackers to insert viruses in JPG files (pictures) that will run and do nasty things to your computer when you view an image. The security hole exists in Windows, Office (every application), Visual Studio (you can probably inadvertently build it into your own apps if you use Microsoft development tools), and other Microsoft apps. See the announcement.

We are deploying patches using our internal SUS server. Microsoft makes the Windows Update environment available for you to run on your own servers from here. Happy patching!

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Back at Work, Back to Work

2004-09-27 Leave a comment

Finally, the flu has left me, and I’m back at work. Today’s adventure has been from Jennifer. First, I get a call at work, “My keys are in your truck” as soon as I get here this morning. Then, about six calls, “What do I do,” “I’m taking the kids to school in a taxi,” “I need a car to pickup the kids, after school,” “My mom’s coming to get the keys,” “Are the keys really there?” “Where’s my mom?” “Thanks.”

Never mind what the keys were doing there in the first place.

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Must . . . Write . . . Entry

2004-09-25 Leave a comment

Man, it’s hard to write something halfway coherent sometimes. I’ve been sick with the flu since my last entry and I haven’t been able to think of a single thing to write since. Flu-induced mental block or something. I just had my sister over to see my yard and deck. I built my own deck and did my own landscaping. I think my sister was amazed. She probably thought “ahh, he’s an engineer. He can’t actually do anything”. I get that a lot. From my family. I don’t know why. Maybe its because I’m pathalogically lazy. You know, one of those types that goes the extra mile to avoid working on something they don’t like? Like someone who would spend an hour to write a program to do something that takes 5 minutes by hand just because they have to do it three times? Yep, I’m still incoherent with the flu.

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Under the Weather

2004-09-22 Leave a comment

I had to go home from work today at noon because I felt awful. I thought my head was about to explode, or my stomach was going to repaint my office walls. I missed an Edmonton office staff meeting. That’s too bad because the boss wanted me to deliver a state of the IT union.

It could have gone like this:

  • Records Management – on hold waiting for records management task group to make critical decisions
  • New Project Electronic Filing Structure – on hold waiting for records management task group to make critical decisions
  • New Search Engine – on hold waiting for records management task group to make critical decisions
  • New Backup System – on hold waiting for records management task group to make critical decisions
  • Web-Accessibility Project – on hold waiting for records management task group to make critical decisions
  • Outside Access to Project Data – on hold waiting for records management task group to make critical decisions

On second thought maybe it’s a good thing I couldn’t go.

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Email to Mark Tewksbury

2004-09-21 Leave a comment

I knew Mark Tewksbury as a kid. We were about the same age and competed in the same events when I was about 10-15. I haven’t spoken to him in years, though. I watched the swimming during the Olympics, of course, and I wanted to email Mark and tell him I thought a lot of the stuff he had to say about Swimming/Natation Canada was right on the money. Then I decided that it made sense to post the message here, because it expresses some of my views on sports in Canada.
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Running Java Apps as Linux Daemons

2004-09-21 Leave a comment

Right now I have the pleasure of being a Linux guy with few Java or Oracle skills helping a Java and Oracle guy with few Linux skills to implement custom Java database replication application as a daemon process on Linux. Read on for the fun and mayhem.
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Mozilla Thunderbird 0.71 -> 0.8 -> 0.71

2004-09-20 Leave a comment

We use GroupWise at work, which besides having a very nice native Windows client, and for the latest version 6.5, a native Linux client, it is also totally standards complient, which lets you run any IMAP or POP3 mail cilent you like with the GroupWise back-end. I use Mozilla Thunderbird, because I am running Linux on my desktop, and our GroupWise back-end is version 6.03, which doesn’t work with the native Linux GroupWise client. I’ll probably switch to native GroupWise or Evolution once we upgrade to version 6.5.

Anyways, the Mozilla Project released a new point-release of Thunderbird last week, 0.8. I installed it Friday, and I noticed a couple of previously unheard-of crashes in Thunderbird. I thought maybe I had received a corrupted message. Today, however, it started crashing right from the get-go, so I moved my thunderbird directory to thunderbird-0.8-crash-city, and restored my thunderbird-0.7.1 folder. At least it’s easy to do stuff like that when there’s no giant pile of crud in a registry some where to cause everything to fail when you rename something.

I guess I’ll wait for the next release.

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