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Scum Sucking Spammers

I had a bit of fun with spammers on my weblog today. I run several things on this server, one of which I access on a semi-continuous basis throughout the day. Therefore I notice when the server is having problems. I was trying to talk to the server at about 10:00 this morning and I noticed it was pretty sluggish. I went over to the server room and looked at it and noticed that the hard drive light was lit solidly, which is unusual for this box. Then I tried logging into the text console, and it took a very long time. Running the UNIX command top showed that there were many instances of perl running, and perl is the program that handles this weblog.

I suspected that somebody or multiple somebodies were spamming the comment section of the server. I have already had to disable trackback pings because of spammers. I couldn’t get to the management console of the weblog, because the server was overloaded, so I used grep to look through the comment files for unsavory content, and sure enough, my comments were laced with references to pornographic websites.

I shut down apache, reconfigured the access control to only allow access to my local network, and then got onto the blog management interface, and deleted over 1700 new comments that were posted today. Then, I changed the commenting section to require administrative approval on the first post, so that people could still comment but I’d have editorial control over what appeared on the site. Hopefully that will deter the spammers. I’ve now re-enabled public access to the site.

I want to try to upgrade my blog engine so that it has spam-prevention via a requirement for posters to enter a number that they see in a graphic on the screen, so that I don’t have to review the posts but I will still have spam protection. In the mean time, if you encounter any spammers in the real world, please give them a serious wedgie for me.

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  1. mrcranky
    2004-11-22 at 16:08

    Comments still work, they just have to be approved first.

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