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New Server Running

2005-11-30 1 comment

I finally have my new blog server working the way I want, including all the other ancilliary services required. The style of the site is not what I want, but I can fix that when I get time. I also need to do a little more fiddling with the comment system, but at least I’ve been able to make the switch to the new server. Finally.

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2005-11-29 Leave a comment

I listen to music all the time (except when I’m listening to Lugradio). I love music, and I like to work with music playing. It helps me focus, especially when I have some text-churning to do, like writing a “Strategy” or a “Policy”. I read an article on Digg recently about Pandora and decided to try it out.

Essentially, they’ve spent a bunch of effort coming up with ways of analysing songs, and using that method, they can take a seed song you provide and suggest songs that you might like. I listened to it for a while at home for a couple of nights, starting one time off with a Pearl Jam song, and another with Rammstein. The results were interesting, and I found a few artists that I will have to look into a little more. It’s a neat way to discover new music, anyways. You can save “Stations” based on your seed songs, so my account saved a Pearl Jam station and a Rammstein station, and I can go back and re-explore those whenever I want. The selections it presents are different each time. Pretty cool.

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It’s Alive Again!

2005-11-24 Leave a comment

After discovering that my nicely crafted FreeBSD 6.0-based MovableType installation was not going to cut it, I had to rebuild it in FreeBSD 4.10. So far I have MT working, but I havn’t attacked SCode yet for comment spam protection.

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New Blog Server

2005-11-24 Comments off

I really wanted to virtualize my blog server / mail server. I also really wanted to run it on FreeBSD 6.0. Unfortunately, using ESX server in Engineering, I can’t do that, because FreeBSD 6.0 won’t run in ESX server. The VMachines hang, with some kind of “Function Not Implemented” error. The same thing happens in FreeBSD 5.4. The most recent officially supported FreeBSD by ESX server is 4.10. We only run GSX server in production at the moment, and it will run FreeBSD 6.0, but I want to make my vmachines portable between VMware versions, so that I have some flexibility in the future when we may change our VM engine. That means I have to re-do all my figuring out of my server in FreeBSD 4.10. Which means it may take a while longer to get the new blog server working, including comments.

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Darwin Exhibit at American Museum of Natural History

2005-11-22 Comments off

The American Museum of Natural History is hosting an exhibit about Darwin, the father of modern biology. The exhibit is explained on the website. The scary thing about it is that no corporate sponsors were found to support the exhibit, because they are all scared of stepping on the toes of the delusional “Intelligent Design” supporters in the US. Even after the Pope declared that Genesis is allegorical and that Evolution is more than a hypothesis, but is completely compatible with Christianity, the American Kook Societies still insist on taking the Bible literally.

People waste too much effort on trying to find far-fetched mystical explanations for things that are already adequately explained by people who open their eyes, look, and use reason. I guess it’s not suprising that a CBS poll found that some 51% of Americans believe in creationism rather than evolution. They all still think their government is democratically elected and has their best interests at heart too.

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Lots of Cleanup

2005-11-22 Comments off

Today I’ve been working on cleaning up storage space on our backup server, and let me tell you it takes hours to delete (literally) millions of files on a reiserfs partition.

I also had to create and install new SSL certificates for our Primavera Expedition server, which was fairly straightforward. The certificate for SSL had expired, and a consultant that we use for support claimed he couldn’t login until we created new ones. Instead of arguing with him that he could just allow his browser to connect anyhow, I figured it was easier to create a new cert.

The other thing I did so far today was to upgrade the java JRE on our Oracle server to a newer version. We went from a version supplied with the distro to one in an RPM provided directly by Sun. I had to rename the installation directory and edit SLES’s java configuration file and run SuSEconfig to pick up the new JRE. The nice thing about it is that the old one is still installed, and if any of our apps break we can revert very quickly using the previous configuration file.

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Kid’s First Waterpolo Tournament

2005-11-20 Comments off

Emily and Mack played with their team, the Thunderbirds, in their first-ever waterpolo tournament this weekend. They played four games in one day. Whew. It was pretty fun watching, and I found myself getting wound right up, cheering away. They won two and lost two games.

Mack is pretty small compared to all the other kids. I’m sure he was the youngest one there. The game went back and forth past him while he kind-of followed in the middle of the pool. He made a couple of passes, and stayed into it for the whole time, and didn’t get discouraged by not being a force majeure in the game. I was pretty proud of him.

Emily was tenatative in the first two games, but did do pretty well for a quarter in net in the first game. Then, after a pep-talk, and after watching some other games between their first two and second two games, she got much more into the action in the second two games, particularly the last one. She really started going after the ball, and trying to get it away from the other team. What a girl!

They both had fun, and are now looking forward to the next tournament in Calgary in December. I just have to get online at the FINA website and actually learn the rules!

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