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Deltek Vision Definitely Doesn’t Work in Firefox

Now that I have Deltek Vision working in our lab, I wanted to try to get it working in Firefox. The vendor documentation from Deltek says it requires Internet Explorer 6, but I thought it might work in Firefox since Firefox has had excellent compatability for a couple of years now.

When you go to the Vision portal page on your installation of Vision using Firefox, it detects that you don’t have IE and says that your browser is not supported. Some sites do this without good reason, because if you fudge your browser’s identity strings to make it look like IE to the web site, everything works normally. I used a Firefox extension called “User Agent Switcher” to make Vision think I was using IE 6 instead of Firefox, but the login window still doesn’t display properly. All I get is a version number string and that’s it. Oh well, hopefully by the time we roll this out to production it will work properly in Firefox.

Other than that, the install of Vision is fairly straight-forward, and the application is very clean, especially for a multi-tier app. Each tier is easy to set up and each component just works together without a lot of fiddling or messing with Active Directory. For me that’s very nice. So far so good. Now we just have to wait for Deltek to come in and review our setup, and then convert some of our old data for us to import into Vision.

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  1. 2012-07-20 at 08:18

    Over six years later and Deltek Vision STILL doesn’t support Firefox. Bwah-hahahaha!

  2. doe
    2016-02-29 at 08:32

    Ten years later, and still doesn’t work in Chrome!

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