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MailSaver Problems With GroupWise 7 Resolved (sort-of)

2006-06-30 1 comment

I have received several bug reports from various MailSaver users who have been beta-testing MailSaver 4. Some of the bug reports have to do with running it in GroupWise 7.0. Unfortunately I am not able to make MailSaver 4 work properly in GroupWise 7.0 without SP1. MailSaver DOES work properly in the Windows client for GroupWise 7 SP1. I am very sorry that there is a problem with the 7.0 client, but when your system gets updated to 7.0 SP1, MailSaver will work as expected.

Thanks to all the testers for some very good feedback. I will be finalizing version 4 of MailSaver in the next week and releasing it on Novell Forge.

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Multipathing Havoc on Bladecenter and DS4300 SAN

2006-06-30 1 comment

I have been having fun and games with a DS4300 SAN controller hooked to an IBM Bladecenter. There are a bunch of blades configured with SLES9 and VMware Server, running virtual Windows 2003 servers in this environment. When I initally set everything up, it all seemed to work ok, but now that our programming team is working on our Deltek Vision implementation, they are hitting on one of the VMs that runs MS SQL server, and it has been falling over.

The symptoms seemed like anything CPU intensive would cause the VM to drop it’s network connections. That meant that every time they executed a query against the MS SQL server from the Deltek Vision report server, the SQL server would fall off the network. I thought maybe it was a VMware issue or a Linux kernel networking driver problem, but patching and replacing drivers didn’t help. Then I was doing some other work on one of the other blades that necessitated my going into the SAN configuration tool to allocate some storage, and I noticed that some of the SAN partitions were not being hosted on their preferred SAN controllers. In the SAN, each partition can prefer to be hosted on one of the two redundant controllers. When one of the controllers or the fibre path to one of the blades is unavailable, the partitions flip over to the other path and continue to work, after a small lag. I noticed that some of the blades were trying to communicate by default to some of the storage partitions on the wrong channel, and this was causing the partitions to thrash between one controller and the other. I spent yesterday trying to figure out how to configure each blade’s dual controller to prefer the same path as the SAN controller, and today I reconfigured most of the blades to do that, and now the thrashing has stopped.

I may do a detailed write-up about how to configure IBM DS4300 SAN storage for use with a redundant path to an IBM Bladeserver next week, to share how I got this darn thing working. The fix also fixes the problems with the Windows 2003 MS SQL server virtual machine, which was the whole point to begin with.

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Drayton Valley Swim Meet

2006-06-26 Leave a comment

The kids swam in the Drayton Valley swim meet this weekend. They both swam the same events, the backstroke, the 50 free and the 100 IM. Mack won all three of his events and had two out of three best times. He had a great IM, and was ahead for the whole race. He could have been disqualified for some overly-long pulls in the breaststroke, but he kind-of got lucky with that, and we talked about it afterwards so hopefully he won’t do that again. He may be able to place or possibly even win an event at provincials this year.

Emily was second in the backstroke, first in 50 free with a best time, and to everyones’ suprise including her own, first in 100 IM. She had a breakthrough swim for her, in which her breaststroke really made a leap. Her typical IM before this weekend was to get way ahead after fly, increase her lead in back, watch everyone pass her in breast, and then try to catch up in free. Saturday, she was ahead after fly, back, and breast. She was so suprised she almost stopped thinking she was in the wrong race. She was excited to have won the IM, which she has been doggedly entering herself in every meet, and losing every time before Saturday. She now has the best time in the region in her age group in 50 free, 100 free, 50 back and 100 IM, and she’s the only 10 & Under girl to have competed in the 800 free.

Drayton Valley Neptunes did a great job running the meet, and although the pool deck was small for such a large event, it still went very well. It seems like a nice little town.

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Emily made the summer club All Star Team

2006-06-23 Leave a comment

Subject: 2006 ASSA All-Star Coaching Staff Information

Hello ASSA All-Star Swimmers, Parents and Coaches:

On behalf of Swim Alberta and the ASSA All Star coaching staff I would like
to congratulate the swimmers on qualifying to represent the 2006 ASSA All
Star Team. The team will be comprised of 18 swimmers representing 14 clubs
from all 6 regions.

2006 ASSA All-Star Team:
names erased ….
names erased ….

Woo Emily! Congrats!

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Quickfinder Enabled on our Intranet

2006-06-23 Leave a comment

We have an internal Intranet (who doesn’t) that has been around for several years. It has all our hr, engineering discipline and social information on it. It was searchable wth HT:Dig, for a long time, but once when I was patching the server that did the searching a couple of months ago, it blew up and I wasn’t able to get it working again.

Last year, we had started to back up all our production networks over the wire to a big disk-server in one of our centralized locations. That data was made web-accessible to our network administrators using Novell NetStorage, so that they could do restores. We also have a CTO who wants to be able to search an production data in any office. We put two and two together, and set up Novell Quickfinder to automatically index the current backup, and present the results as NetStorage URLs. This gave our users the ability to search and access project data, but because of the way our eDirectory environment is configured, they could only actually retrieve data from projects in their own offices.

This week, I converted over our old HT:Dig search to use the new Quickfinder server for searching instead, on our Intranet content. I also reconfigured Quicfinder to present the search results as plain old apache URLs on it’s backup copy of the data, so that when you do a search and click a result, you get yesterday’s backed-up version. What this allows is for us to grant access to any eDirectory users to the project data by only modifying stuff in one instance of eDirectory, in the location where the backup sits.

Users can now search all our production data plus our Intranet content from one handy search page. Quickfinder is nice and fast too. The only issue we have with it is that it doesn’t index Autocad drawings, but virtually no web-search tools to that anyways.

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Barracuda SPAM firewall enabled

2006-06-21 1 comment

I changed the MX records for our email to point to our new Barracuda SPAM firewall today at 2:40 this afternoon.


Bye bye SPAM!

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Which famous leader are you?

2006-06-20 Leave a comment

This poll determines which famous leader your personality resembles. Here’s my result.

That’s better than being George Bush, Saddam Hussein, or Bill Clinton (at least it seems better to me).

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