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Wow, whatever’s wrong with Windows this week must be bad

I blogged before about the US Department of Homeland Security warning about updating Windows. Today we got email from MacAfee, our virus software provider, saying we should update all our Windows machines because something really bad is about to happen:


I am sending this email to urge you to please patch your systems now with MS06-040. We have had numerous conversations with customers who have informed me that they have been receiving personal phone calls from Microsoft urging them to patch now – no testing or waiting – just patch NOW. It is not often that you get personal calls from Microsoft like this. This is very serious. If you have questions, please give Microsoft a call as there are more details to this that you may need to know.

From a McAfee standpoint, I have also attached the Threat Brief that I sent out on Tuesday. It will give you a breakdown of your current Mcafee solutions & what type of protection you can expect in the event there is an exploit for this vulnerability. Pay particular attention to Host IPS, which McAfee uses internally.

Please read the information below. This is just one of many articles that you will find on the net.:

“Windows Worm Warnings No Joke

The ‘big one’ is coming. A major worm attack may be just days away, say security experts. On Wednesday, the Department of Homeland Security called out a rare warning, and Microsoft acknowledged that the patch should be at the top of every computer user’s or administrator’s to-do list.

Robert Embree
Corporate Account Manager
McAfee, Inc.”

I’m nervous about all those blissfully unaware home computer users with their un-patched home computers that haven’t seen a security fix since they were bought for Christmas three years ago. You know there are loads of those out there.

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  1. Richard Hirsch
    2006-08-15 at 08:42

    Hi. I’m trying to download Mailsaver (latest beta) to try it but the Novell serviers won’t let me finish the downloads – they bug out each time. Is there any other download source, or can you email it to me?

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