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Framing the Basement

2006-12-31 Leave a comment

I spent about 30 hours or so over the break framing my basement. We’re building a utility room, a spare bedroom, a big TV room, and a bathroom. I used Chris’ power hammer to fire nails into the concrete through the sole plates. That was about the only fun part. My back hurts.

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2006-12-27 Leave a comment

I got a nice acoustic guitar for Christmas from Jenn. Now all I have to do is learn to play it. I still remember a few things from my ancient guitar lessons when I was a kid, including a bit about reading music. I also have the modern conveniences of websites with a zillion guitar tablatures on them, like Ultimate Guitar that weren’t around when I was a kid. I’ll be able to practice using music I like, instead of Baa Baa Blacksheep and I Saw Three Ships, so learning will be a lot more fun than the first time around.

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Still working with Novell on Support Ticket

2006-12-21 Leave a comment

We’ve been working with Novell on a support ticket regarding problems we’ve been having with moving GroupWise users to new post offices on Linux from old ones on NetWare in GroupWise 7. Everything goes fine, except that the user has to re-enter the online password in the caching GroupWise client before it will sync up after the move. This is annoying because the password is buried several clicks deep in the GroupWise client, and is beyond some of our users to pull off reliably. That means we’d have to visit a lot of desks to get the move done, and we have nearly 600 GroupWise mailboxes (with about 520 left to move).

Novell couldn’t duplicate the problem in their labs. They asked for move logs, which I provided. They couldn’t determine the problem from that, so they asked me to copy a user database before and after the move and send those to them. I have to find a willing user to move, backup and move their account, have it exhibit the problem, and then collect the moved database. So far I haven’t been able to meet those criteria. With it being so close to Christmas I have a feeling I’m going to have to wait until January before I can provide Novell with the next data they need to work on the problem.

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Marmot Basin Trip

2006-12-19 Comments off

We went to Jasper Sunday afternoon and snowboarded (Mack skied) all day on Monday at Marmot Basin. There were no crowds or lines, and lots of snow. The top was very windy, and we only ventured up the upper lifts a couple of times, once up Eagle Ridge and once up the Paradise Chair. The temperature was fine at about -10, but with the strong wind up at the top were there aren’t many trees was a little much. The rest of the day we enjoyed ourselves on the runs off the Eagle Express chair. We took some good photos, some of which I may post later. It was well worth the trip and a good use of my nice little Christmas bonus.

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x4500 Server arrived!

2006-12-11 Leave a comment

Our x4500 server arrived today, after a couple of courier kerfuffles last week. It was much smaller than expected, and it’s amazing that 48 standard 3.5 inch drives fit in a 4U chassis. We’re still rubbing our hands together around here thinking about what we’re going to be able to do with 24 TB of disk space. Unfortunately, we’re still only thinking about it, because (not unexpectedly) we still have to get plugs to allow us to plug the 15A 240VAC power supplies into our 30A 240VAC outlets (left over from when we had the bladecenter in our office). Until then, we can’t power it up, we can only sit and admire it’s shiny silver bezel with the lovely hexagonal ventilation holes.

Waterpolo tournament at Spruce Grove

2006-12-09 Leave a comment

The kids played three games in a tournament at Spruce Grove today. First game they played shorthanded, with no subs, against their sometime-teammates from Spruce Grove, and took a bit of a kicking. The second game, they played a Calgary team, I think, and did a bit better, but didn’t win. The third game they played against a coalition of Okotoks, Canmore and High River, and they were leading for at least half of the game. That one ended up as a tie, and Mack scored his first-ever tournament goal. Emily got a couple of goals and many assists, including the assist on Mack’s goal. Unfortunately, the other goalie seemed to have Emily’s number, and saved about five of Emily’s shots on goal. Oh well, it was fun and they worked hard, especially in the second and third game. I think that since they train together with some of the Spruce Grove kids, they are too easygoing when they play them.

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Submitted a support request to Novell for GroupWise

2006-12-08 Leave a comment

Well, I couldn’t resolve the password-mangling problem we’re having with GroupWise user moves from NetWare to Linux servers, so I submitted a tech support ticket today to Novell Support using our premium support account. Hopefully they can help us with this.

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