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New Web Server Required…

Consultant that we didn´t know was working for one of our subsidiaries for whom we host web content: ¨What is the login ID, password, database id, login and password for the PHP-enabled web server we will be using to host the new web content that we´ve developed for the subsidiary?¨

Me: ¨What PHP enabled web server with a database? Our public-facing web servers all host static content.¨

Consultant:¨Oh… crap.¨

Now I have to build a new web server VM (which I was planning on doing later this spring) and find some spare capacity at a reasonably high-availability server in our infrastructure to host it (which I was also planning to do later this spring) and I have to do it in a couple of days. Crud

Categories: Other Work Stuff, Rant
  1. Ian
    2007-01-17 at 19:49

    What OS do you plan on using?

  2. 2007-01-19 at 09:07

    To fit in with our virtualization strategy, it will be a SLES 9 server (our current server platform) running virtualized on VMWare Server. That makes it easy to move it to a different host later when we get more time to flesh out our capacity at our colocation facility.

  1. 2007-01-25 at 15:57

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