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Showstopper Problem With Our Deltek Vision Rollout

We are entering the final phases before rolling out Deltek Vision, and we’ve hit a showstopper. We’re running the entire Deltek Vision system as four virtual machines on four dedicated hosts, in VMware Server on top of SuSE Linux. Each virtual machine is a W2K3 server, with one piece of Vision on it. One is a PDC, one is the web tier, one is the report server, and one is an SQL2005 server. All have dual Xeon processors and tons of RAM.

The issue we are having is that many queries against the SQL server, if they return more than trivial results, stop with an error that says TEMPDB is full. Other times the same queries will work as expected. The size of TEMPDB configured by the DBA doesn’t matter.

We thought that initially it was because we had upgraded from SQL Server 2000 to 2005, so we uninstalled and reinstalled SQL Server 2005. That didn’t fix the problem. Then, I built a standalone Deltek Vision sysetm on a single workstation, our guys imported the data and tried their tests, and it didn’t experience the problem. Right now, I’m building a standalone Vision install on a brand new virtual machine, to try it again. If that works, I’ll move it to the production hardware and see what happens there.

If it turns out that it is a problem with running the VM on our production hardware, I may have to rebuild one of the production machines as a native W2K3 server rather than a VMware Server host. Then I lose the ability to fail the machine over to different hardware in the event of an emergency.

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  1. Aaron The Young
    2007-06-23 at 19:23

    So did you ever get this working under VMWare? I’m evaluating Vision right now and I’m not even sure we should buy into it since I’ve seen so many people having problems. How many users do you have on your system?

  2. 2007-06-25 at 10:30

    Aaron: The problem was due to an I/O latency problem running the database for Vision on VMware Server. We bought a VMware ESX server license and redeployed the SQL Server virtual machine on that, and it fixed the problem.

    The reason we selected Vision is that it does three things for us: First, it supports our mulitple-company organization. Second, it supports all the different types of billing we do (fixed fee, cost plus, rate tables, upset limit, etc.). Third, it has an upgrade path from our old system (CFMS) that allowed us to bring all our data forward.

  3. Jim
    2007-08-16 at 11:21

    Scott I would like to talk to you about the Delktek and VMWARE setup if possible. Could you email me?

  4. Chris
    2008-05-09 at 12:37

    Hey Scott,

    Glad I stumbled onto your blog. I am about to implement Deltek Vision, and would like to run it on VMware servers as well. I see this post is about a year old, how are things running now?

    A million thanks for any feedback you have.

  5. 2008-05-14 at 12:33

    Hi Scott,

    i’m too planning for a deployment of Deltek Vision. I was wondering too how things are running for you now.

    The Deltek reseller was telling us to run this on 2 separate bare metal servers which i find excessive for only 2 admins and max 30 employees that will only enter timesheets… I’m considering running that on Tyan Tank TA-26 with a single dual core Opteron 2216 and 8 Gigs RAM. I’ll install SQL on a different physical drive array. I know that it’s all M$ unefficient stuff but i doubt that i’d need that much hardware (2 servers or more) for this.

    Thanks !

  6. 2008-05-14 at 12:54

    I’ve written an update in response to your questions here.

  7. Andrew
    2008-10-30 at 13:55

    Enjoyed finding your blog. We are implementing Vision right now moving from FMS and we have not been impressed in the least.

  8. Janice Lubel
    2009-05-07 at 14:59

    We moved from FMS to Vision last Oct.
    Where we can see that the reporting on projects is good, we feel it lacks in the accounting side, for some of the simplest things.

    1. Payroll – Doesn’t print the 941 Form. Prints only a worksheet.
    Then we have to type or fill out the 941 downloaded from IRS.

    2. We are an S Corp – Have yet to find a way to handle S Corp benefits for shareholders to add in the benefits for FED W/H tax and SUTA; but not tax it for FICA & MED. The taxable codes are only set up for deductions; not other pay. Have been told that there is no solution in Vision; we need to edit our W2’s.

    Haven’t had to type a 941 in years and even Quickbooks handles all types of taxable / non taxable benefits.

    3. Try to get a balance at the end of any given month, of unbilled reimbursables, and it doesn’t happen. As soon as a billing cycle is run, or additional vouchers are keyed on any given day; the balance changes, even if you run the same report in a prior period. It doesn’t keep track of WHEN the reimbursable was billed, just that it was billed.

    Very much project oriented; but lacks in the accounting dept.

  1. 2007-02-01 at 11:06

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