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First jdbc Novell Identity Manager Integration

I started actually trying to talk to SQL server with Novell Identity Manager today. We want to be able to push login IDs into Deltek Vision’s database from eDirectory, with password synchronization. Step 1 was to get IDM3 talking to a test schema in the database. After some futzing, I got the jtds jdbc driver installed and connected to the SQL Server 2005 database. One thing that the IDM driver documentation for jdbc fails to mention is that you have to reboot / restart Identity Manager after you stick the jdbc driver jar file into the classes directory in order for it to work.

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  1. Eric
    2007-03-06 at 11:18

    Scott, Thank you for your continued articles on this subject, as I am new to a company, and have been given the task of doing almost exactly what you have been working on. We have multiple SQL Server systems that I will need to interface Novell’s IDM solution with. Please keep up the good work, and if you have any more helpful links, or your project plan, that would be wonderful.



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