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Vision Rollout (Mostly) Complete

Our users started using Deltek Vision last week. Despite a long time planning, preparing, and porting, there were still many long days and late nights to get everything working on time. Other than some problems with one very large set of reports that we are still trying to troubleshoot, it seems like it’s working OK. It is quite slow compared to our old in-house custom web-based reporting that we did off of CFMS, but that’s not unexpected, because what we had before was wicked-fast.

There are a few little things to clean up, like making sure backups are coordinated with accounting’s large report runs, and stuff like that. There are also lots of other IT initiatives that I’m looking forward to working on now that this project is complete.

  1. Timothy Du Four
    2007-09-14 at 08:42

    Hey Scott, my company is moving to Vision in November. We missed our deployment date once because it was too slow. I know it’s kind of random to ask but….have any pointers?

    Hope you have fun at the VM Conference in SF. Wish I was there and not in DC.



  2. 2007-09-19 at 13:31

    For us, we had everything ready to go well in advance, including getting all our users sorted out in Vision, figuring out and implementing all our custom reports, doing a dry-run of the data conversion between CFMS and Vision (we brought all our old data forward) and generally being pretty confident in the thing before we moved. We also did end-user training simultaneously with the conversion.

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