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Aaah! Busted Whammy Bar

I don’t know if it was me or Emily discovering the fun of tremolo on my iAxe or what, but the whammy bar busted off in the bridge block. I don’t know if the threads are damaged or not, but hopefully if I take it into a shop and get the broken end of the whammy bar removed, the threads will still be ok and I’ll be able to get a replacement whammy bar.

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  1. Eric
    2007-04-04 at 08:56

    Scott, I’m sorry to hear about your new toy. I play myself, and thought this was an awesome item out of ThinkGeek’s fun inventory (two birthdays ago, my only request was that anything someone purchased for me came from ThinkGeek.. got some cool stuff).

    I’m writing to see if you could help me out, I’m new to a company, and they are looking at getting IdM off and running. I’ve never worked with it before, and I was wondering if you had any project plans/ notes I could use for getting started. We have our test server almost completely up, and I’ve got the Designer installed, looking around and such. It’s a pretty big learning curve taking into account I have to learn the company’s full user/database schema and such. So anything you have would be immensely helpful. You can reach me through my email, or by posting on here, as I come back and read pretty regularly.

    Thank you in advance.


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