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Juniper Instant Virtual Extranet

We use a Novell iChain gateway device to provide secure access to our internal intranet resources. We’re presently testing alternatives, because our new financial and project management application, doesn’t work through iChain. The best candidate so far, is the Juniper Instant Virtual Extranet (stupid name, awesome product). So far, Vision works through it, ssh works, nfs shares work, and web stuff works (with the exception of some of the cookie-based navigation stuff in our intranet) and even the Novell Client works (ncp client). That’s pretty cool.

The setup is also very easy, and we had it working with authentication to my radius server with our tokens in about 10 minutes from initially powering it on. We’ll be looking at this very closely and trying several other of our applications through it’s on-the-fly ssl vpn functionality. In particular, we’re interested in getting several different software license mangers for various Autodesk products working so that our users can check out design tool licenses out in the field.

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