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2007 Summer Swimming Regionals

2007-08-14 1 comment

This past weekend was Regionals, marking the second-last swim meet of the season for the kids. They both had some great swims and some mediocre ones, but both won all their events and both qualified for four individual events and four relays at Provincials.

Emily had a best time in 100 Fr and 100 IM, and her fly split on the medley relay was faster than the age group record for 25 fly, so she’s pretty excited for Provincials. She and Camile Barr from Fort Saskatchewan are within a few one-hundredths of each other in both 50 and 100 free in first and second, and she is seeded first in 25 fly, but only by a couple of tenths. She’s second behind Camile Barr in the 100 IM, but by several seconds. Camile must have a good breaststroke, because that makes a huge difference in the IM, and my kids both suffer from my curse of crappy breaststroke kick. Emily has been slowly overcoming that though.

Mack took over a second off in the 50 free, getting himself ranked first in the province, and did his best time in the backstroke as well. He’ll be in the fight for medals at Provincials, but the kid to beat is Chad Sieben from Camrose, who seems to be first in everything, and in some things by a wide margin.

Both kids were on relays that were pretty successful at Regionals, so their teammates and them get to race in both the free and medley relays at provincials. A lot of the Sailfish kids are pretty excited to be able to go to provincials for relays. The weekend should be fun and full of some good races.

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Linux – Windows XP – Linux

2007-08-14 2 comments

I have an IBM Thinkpad from 2003 or so. It came with Windows XP on it. When I got it, I booted it once and went ooh, XP sucks, and then reformatted it and installed some distribution of Linux on it. It was probably Fedora. For most of the time I’ve had it, it has either had Novell Linux Desktop 9 or Ubuntu on it. I also have a desktop with OpenSUSE 10.2 on it, and I figured it would be handy to have a real Windows box instead of a virtual machine, to run the odd Windows application on.

I installed Windows XP from our corporate disks onto my Thinkpad, and used the license key on the sticker that came with the laptop when it asked for a key. I also downloaded the dozen or so driver files that are required because Windows doesn’t include most hardware drivers. I got the thing all set up and I had started installing my applications on it, while it ran Windows Update in the background. After a couple of Windows Updates were installed and rebooted, it installed Windows Genuine (dis)Advantage. Then it said that this copy of Windows wasn’t legitimate, and offered to let me buy Windows for about $200. I stewed at it for a few minutes, said fuck it, and went back to Ubuntu. I hate Microsoft.

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Restoring GroupWise Accounts – Getting it to a Science

2007-08-09 3 comments

Now that our GroupWise 7 deployment is completely moved onto Linux servers with Solaris back-ending the storage, I have finally got a consistent backup and restore solution that allows me to recover accidentally deleted users without pulling out all my hair.

Our GroupWise post office directories live on Solaris zfs partitions exported to the Linux post office servers via nfs. When I want to back them up, I stop the poa for five seconds and do a zfs snapshot. Then I use zfs send and zfs receive to replicate the snapshot to another Solaris box with oodles of SATA disks. I snapshot the replica every day and keep daily snapshots for 60 days. The snapshots are very space-conservative so it’s relatively cheap to do this.

When one of my administrators deletes a GroupWise account that he or she shouldn’t have, I can use this system to recover the deleted accounts quickly. On the Linux post office servers, I created /mnt/restore/po directories for each post office. Then using ConsoleOne, I defined restore areas pointing to those directories.

When I have to restore a user’s data that was deleted on a certain day, I do a zfs clone operation on the backup server to clone the zfs snapshot made the day before the user was deleted. Then I use zfs set sharenfs= to export the clone via nfs and make it mountable on the Linux post office server. Back on the Linux post office server, I mount the exported post office under /mnt/restore/po, and I now have a working restore area for that day. Choosing a different day is as easy as doing a new zfs clone, exporting it, and unmounting and remounting on the post office server.

If I have to restore a deleted user, instead of just deleted mail, I just have to do the same clone, export and import operation with the GroupWise primary domain directory backup, and then use ConsoleOne, select Restore Deleted User, browse to the mounted clone, and pick the user to restore. Then I follow the above procedure to get the data back for that user.

This is so much easier than dealing with our former backup service provider, where I would have to get a full tape restore done, see if the user was on it, wash, rinse and repeat. That process sometimes took days if the administrator wasn’t sure which day the deletion happened on.

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