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Linux – Windows XP – Linux

I have an IBM Thinkpad from 2003 or so. It came with Windows XP on it. When I got it, I booted it once and went ooh, XP sucks, and then reformatted it and installed some distribution of Linux on it. It was probably Fedora. For most of the time I’ve had it, it has either had Novell Linux Desktop 9 or Ubuntu on it. I also have a desktop with OpenSUSE 10.2 on it, and I figured it would be handy to have a real Windows box instead of a virtual machine, to run the odd Windows application on.

I installed Windows XP from our corporate disks onto my Thinkpad, and used the license key on the sticker that came with the laptop when it asked for a key. I also downloaded the dozen or so driver files that are required because Windows doesn’t include most hardware drivers. I got the thing all set up and I had started installing my applications on it, while it ran Windows Update in the background. After a couple of Windows Updates were installed and rebooted, it installed Windows Genuine (dis)Advantage. Then it said that this copy of Windows wasn’t legitimate, and offered to let me buy Windows for about $200. I stewed at it for a few minutes, said fuck it, and went back to Ubuntu. I hate Microsoft.

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  1. Peniel
    2007-09-06 at 02:22

    I think you could’ve uncheck the Windows Genuine installation to avoid such issues. Nevertheless, Windows sucks!

  2. cripto
    2007-12-25 at 00:16

    wga is not a bad thing… it allows microso…to spy on us.
    to check if we are pirates or not..

    now….you wonder….wtf is it good?
    well….it isnt. just kidding.

    windows is not bad, lots of software i need is only there.
    also…i go to somewhere and without my pc, if i want net,
    i only have windows… :( i have to deal with it.
    Only xp 64 or 2003, vista sucks a lot. SILLY MICROSOFT.

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