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Solaris Express DE 09/07

I have been following the progress of Solaris Express DE, and I’m even running it on my x4500, because I needed a particular ZFS feature before it became available in the official Solaris. Recently the latest drop of SXDE came out, and it reportedly has the new Solaris installer in it. I downloaded a DVD iso and tried to boot it in a VM in VMware Server, without any luck. I thought maybe the iso file was buggered up somehow, despite the MD5 checksum being correct, so I burned the iso to a physical disk and tried booting it on my laptop. I got this frustrating ever-so-close-but-not-quite message from the installer:

This installer requires 768 MB of RAM to run. This machine has 767 MB of RAM.


I’ll try again on my home server.

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  1. cripto
    2007-10-17 at 20:48

    yeah, same problem here
    the pc does not boot the operating system

    this is weird and very very annoying and stupid.
    i want to try the O.S. where I WANT and i dont mind to wait if my system is slow or simply has 512 mb ram.
    The machine is fast, but because it doesnt have 768 ram i cant run it??

    ufff. yeah, that sucks.
    Hundreds of people will try it and will be hungry with that. Also cause without the installler we cant install SOLARIS. sounds fun huh??

  2. 2007-10-17 at 21:52

    If you choose one of the other installation options other than the default in SXDE the RAM requirement drops to 512, so you could still be in luck.

  3. Matt
    2007-11-23 at 23:21

    Scott – great blog – I enjoy reading it!

    I have a Q for you – can you run VMWare on the Sun X4500 Thumper? Does it work in 64 bit mode and can different VM’s use sets of the drives for their operations? I cant find this info anywhere on the web… it seems like the perfect big single box for virtualizing lots of stuff.

    An email reply would be really great – mbw@u.washington.edu


  4. 2007-11-26 at 11:19

    Sun X4500 servers are not ESX certified, probably because of the massive SATA disk subsystem, but they run Windows and Linux. You could run many many VMs on one X4500 under VMWare Server or workstation, but that is not exactly an enterprise platform. With quad processors and 16 GB of ram, it could make a good consolidation platform. However, the x4600 is ESX certified and can run lots of VMs at near-native performance. An x4500 with Solaris and ZFS configured as a bunch of iSCSI targets combined with an x4600 to run the VMs in ESX would be a great combination. We have a vendor locally who does that and runs literally over 100 VMs on the x4600.

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