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Windows Update Surprises

Today is Exploit Wednesday, the day after Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday. We have a maintenance window on some of our stuff the day after Patch Tuesday so that we can get everything patched up to snuff.

I was doing patches on a bunch of Windows 2003 servers tonight, one of which had already received IE7 and the rest that had not. After installing mandatory updates on the first couple that were still on IE6, they couldn’t get onto the Internet anymore in IE6. Every time I tried I got some error that said something about being unable to access a key that wasn’t registered or something. I think it was talking about a registry key but I’m not sure.

I couldn’t run Windows Update to get IE7, because Windows Update uses IE and IE6 was broken. I had to go to a different server, download a standalone IE7 installer for Windows 2003 server, and install IE7 manually. After that the server with the broken IE worked again.

The rest of the servers showed IE7 as a high priority update, with borg-like insistance that resistance was futile. I caved and allowed the IE7 install to go through on all the servers. Each server that got IE7 installed needed four reboots to get all the IE7 patches and the latest Server 2003 patches installed.

Meanwhile, while I was repeatedly rebooting the Windows servers, Mac Software Update popped up on my Mac. It wanted to do an OS update. I let it, and it finished and went away. No reboot. That doesn’t always happen, mind you. I think there have been at least two firmware updates since I got my 20 inch iMac, and those definitely require a reboot. You can’t get away from patches, but at least I’ve never seen a Mac patch run that required more than one reboot.

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  1. Alin
    2008-04-14 at 19:37

    Why don’t you use WSUS to do the Windows patching? And set it up to run automatically.

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