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Broken iPod Headphone Jack

I have a 5th gen 60 GB iPod. A while ago, the headphone jack casing cracked, and made the headphone jack wiggly. It still worked okay for a long time, but recently it has become worse and the right channel doesn’t make proper contact. I googled for “broken ipod headphone jack” and found this page explaining the repair procedure. It linked to www.idemigods.com as a source of replacement parts. I ordered a replacement headphone jack / hold switch assembly for $32 including shipping, and I’m going to try to fix it myself. When the jack gets here I’ll photo-document the disassembly and (hopefully) reassembly of my iPod.

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  1. Crazy Legs
    2009-04-21 at 20:22

    my headphone jack broke on my ipod mini and i was wicked pissed, but then i realized that if I was able to listen to music when ipod in its speaker dock than all i need to do was find a way to listen to my music through the ipod’s usb port with headphones, so i bought a wired usb ipod remote from amazon.com (the one I bought has fm radio), all you need to do is go amazon.com and search Eforcity FM Radio Remote and it’s the first result, hope this helps

  2. TeePee
    2009-04-30 at 02:27

    yeah my headphone jack was broken on my ipod nano 1st gen i took it apart and messed around for a bit,i kept doing stuff n plugin in my headphones(it isnt the headphones cuz they work on my comp)while it was on and apart and noticed when i put pressure on the headphone jack it didnt play out of one ear or i didnt have to wiggle it around any more to hear clear music,so i taped tightly around it to put pressure on it,closed it up n it works like new,just that it doesnt close fully but o well im happy now,atleast i dont gotta waste no money,not sure if this method works for any other ipods,i could also provide pics if asked

    • chunyen
      2010-07-11 at 13:54

      can you show me hoe to get this done?

  3. 2009-05-26 at 09:00

    Apple does not repair stuff like that – they offered me 10% off a new one, if I hand in my 30GB video Ipod. What a joke. Or a 100 Pound replacement one. how weird.

    I reckon the remote control should be the best option, if the socket is brocken…

    They’re about 5-10 quid on the bay…

  4. AJ
    2011-05-22 at 02:11

    I used a matchstick with a small spot of exopy resin left on the remainder of the headphone jack overnight with the ipod resting against a wall to keep the matchstick clear of the surrounding sides and then pulled out the matchstick and the remains of the headphone in one. Carefull not to get too much epoxy on the match as this may catch sides of ipod

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