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I hate word processors

I just helped Jennifer finish off the bylaws for the Thunderbirds Water Polo Club. She’s been working on it for days, and was done except for some problems with formatting. She was using Word on her Macbook. I helped her tag the paragraphs so that it would automatically generate a table of contents. If you were to have some preconceived notion about how that should work, Word does it in exactly the opposite way to what you expect every step of the way, and then refuses to show you the result until you do a print preview. For what it’s worth, I really think OpenOffice Write is much easier to work with. This session with Word reminded me why I write anything of any length using docbook tags and let the style processor do all the formatting for me. Emacs is my word processor and .txt is my .doc.

Categories: Neat Geek Stuff, Rant
  1. kkramer
    2008-11-19 at 23:09

    *Vim* is my word processor.

    There, fixed that for you. :)

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