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Thinkpad R40 Getting Old

I have a Thinkpad R40 that’s been kicking around since about mid 2004, I think. It’s been a great laptop. It’s rugged, speedy, reliable, runs Linux great, and even works with Solaris. I also love the superior keyboards of Thinkpads, being something of a keyboard snob. Sadly, something is wrong with the wired ethernet subsystem. I intermittently lose the wired ethernet connection. It happens in Windows, Linux, and Solaris, so it’s not a driver issue. It’s not just the port, because the problem occurs with the docking station too. The wireless adapter still works normally, but we don’t have wireless network access to our internal networks, so it’s tough to use it for work.
Thinkpad R40
If I can’t figure out what’s going on with it, I will be sad to see the old workhorse go. Hopefully I can replace it with another Thinkpad, or dare I say it, a Macbook Pro (gasp).

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  1. 33mhz is fast enough for anyone
    2008-02-23 at 07:38

    pcmcia nics are your friend. I’ve got a T42 of the same vintage. I’m waiting for the led / ssd based thinkpads to get a little cheaper.

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