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Another Record Spam Day

Yesterday we exceeded our previous spam record by 20%. We received 58,000 spams yesterday. The scary part is that we only set the previous record six days earlier, at 48,000. I don’t think we can sustain that rate of increase for too long before our spam firewall melts. It’s still ticking over at less than 10% utilization, but who knows if there could be a rate that would be a tipping point, after which it would suddenly leap up to maximum utilization and stop keeping up.

The problem is the massive flood of spam coming from the domain name newvega.com. The spammers have recently added a new spamming source at blissultra.com. Today we’re getting hammered with about 12 to 15,000 per hour.

I just modified the firewall in front of the Barracuda to reject connections from blissultra.com and newvega.com. It’s already lightening the load on the Barracuda quite a bit.

Spammers can die in a fire, please.

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