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More Bad News

After writing this five months ago, I can’t believe what’s happened today. My friend Reagan Williams, who I’ve known since I was 10 years old, and who was one of the three awesome guys who stood up for me as groomsmen at my wedding, died today in a plane crash, in a terrible echo of his own father’s death in October. He was so deeply involved in the lives of so many people, I can’t begin to imagine the impact that this tragedy will have. I’m just sick, as I’m sure everyone who knew him is today.

My chest aches for the pain his family is going to have to go through.

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  1. Blair Wheadon
    2008-03-30 at 21:16


    The same week that Reagan’s Dad died, my best friend Dave Wood (I knew him since we were 6) died in a different plane crash in the same area of BC. He was 37 and in a Piper Malibu as well returning from a day trip to Oregon. He left a wife and 3 boys. I’m the godfather to 1 of the boys.

    I just realized as I read more about this tragedy that I knew Reagan from back in my swimming days. I swam for U of C and we on the team knew Reagan well from the various Varsity and National meets. It’s been 16 years since I saw him last.

    So I share your pain and know exactly what you’re going through. Good luck this week. Be strong.


  2. Jill Jackson (Hayden)
    2008-04-12 at 12:44

    My mom has been keeping me in the picture e-mailing to me newspaper articles about Reagan’s dad, and now Reagan
    I can’t imagine the sadness his family must be going through, but my thoughts are with them all.

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