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Thanks, London Drugs

I bought an HP EX470 Home Server for Jennifer and her workmates to use as a backup target for their systems at work. It looked carefully factory-packed in the box. I took it out and went to set it up, and noticed that the tape holding the plastic bag wrapped around the actual server box had been un-stuck previously. Uh-oh, I thought.
HP Home Server
I booted the thing up, connected an XP virtual machine to it (I have all Macs at home), and sure enough, instead of asking me what to name the server and what I wanted the password to be, it asked me to login to the server that was already configured. The London Drugs dudes had already had the machine out, and set it up, and then when they repackaged it, they didn’t reset it to factory settings. Now I have to recover it back to factory with the restore disk before I can configure it the way I need it.

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