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Mad Scientist Eyebrows

I have noticed as I get older, a propensity for growing bristly, unruly, long greying eyebrow hairs. While normally this isn’t particularly noticeable (by me at least,) today I had an experience that made my crazy brows all too apparent to me.

I was swimming at lunch time at NAIT, and I kept seeing a hair or thread flapping in front of the left eye of my goggles while I swam. After cleaning the goggles every time I stopped for half an hour and being unable to get rid of whatever it was, I came to a startling and sad realization… that the thread was a mad scientist eyebrow hair, and it was quite attached.

I’ve plucked it.

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  1. 2008-06-05 at 14:28

    hehe…..I should get my Dad to read this!

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