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U of A Swimming Alumni

I went to the University of Alberta Swimming Alumni AGM this week and volunteered for the board of directors. There is an increasing amount of interest in it, and more younger people are coming to the functions, so that’s great. We need to try to track down and include some older alumni in our ranks.

We’re running a fundraiser function in a couple of weeks on Thursday June 19th called the Reagan Williams Pub Night and Silent Auction. There is a Facebook page describing the event. Here is the official flyer. Tickets can be obtained by contacting the email addresses in the flyer, or at the door, but it would help us to know the approximate number of people coming in advance, so I would encourage interested parties to contact the email addresses.

The purpose of the fundraiser is to collect funds to help establish a University of Alberta Swimming scholarship endowment in the name of Reagan Williams, so that the swimming organization at the university can use the scholarship money to attract some talented swimmers and strengthen the program. The money raised will be added to the funds collected at the memorial service for Reagan. The alumni are pretty excited to be a part of it. It should also be a good social opportunity, which I’m all in favor of. If you are a former U of A swimmer, a friend or colleague of Reagan’s, or just part of the swimming community around Edmonton, come out and rub elbows with some old friends.

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