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Adrem Freecon Dead, Here’s “Litecon” for $500.

Whoa, two NetWare posts in one day. I must be making an effort to counteract what I was complaining about in my previous post about Novell news disappearing.

Adrem makes a remote console for NetWare formerly called Freecon, which was free. I just noticed via iDogg’s blog that it’s no longer free, and has been renamed Litecon. You can’t download the Freecon installer anymore. They’ve decided to start charging $500 for a product that they formerly gave away for free. Nice.

iDogg also makes a great point how a little third-party utility for managing a part of an OS that costs more than the whole OS it manages makes no sense.

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  1. Ian
    2008-07-04 at 18:07

    It’s a real pain in the rump. I need to find a replacement now. Rconj doesn’t cut it (real time java apps make my soul hurt). I don’t have the time to try to write a replacement either.

  2. 2008-07-09 at 05:29

    You can use the Novell Remote Manager (NoRM). The Java based console is pretty good. Of course, it’s no Freecon. I was disappointed to see this too. $500 is excessive. Probably trying to milk what they can as long as NetWare is around.

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