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Commvault Demo So Far So Good

We’re evaluating Commvault to replace our homebrew backup solution. Today I did some work with it in our Engineering lab. It is a straightforward architecture, with one server to manage everything, called various names in the documentation, but which I willl call the CommServe, and then media agents on each device you back up to and data agents on each device you backup from.

We use Solaris for mass storage, and there is a media agent for that, so that’s great. I’ve tested it and it works fine. There are also media agents for Windows, Linux, various Unices, and even NetWare, so you can store your backups on any of those.

We have Windows servers, Active Directory, eDirectory, NetWare, Linux, GroupWise, Solaris, FreeBSD, SQL Server and Oracle to backup. There are data agents for all of that, except they don’t have a data agent for GroupWise running on Linux, and they don’t have a data agent for our old version of Oracle that we use for internal web applications. That’s not too big of a deal, since we can do application snapshots to disk and then use the filesystem agents to backup the data.

Access to backups and servers integrates right into Active Directory, so that’s great, and there is very granular access control for backups and restores, so we’ll be able to assign the ability to do data restores server by server, without exposing sensitive data to admins from different operations, which was one of our requirements.

The only complaint I have so far is that various components of the product seem to refer to themselves and other components with a varying and inconsistent set of names. The box says Simpana, the documentation and the Windows pieces say CommVault and CommServe, and CommCell and various other things, and the UNIX pieces seem to call themselves CommVault Qinetix. I think there must have been some merging and product rationalization going on there that hasn’t been completed yet. It all works together though, despite the naming ambiguity.

Tomorrow I’ll list out all our stuff and get some prices. I expect it will be somewhat painful, but we’ll see.

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  1. Steve
    2009-04-07 at 07:10

    I came across this because I was looking to demo commvault for something. Just read over your entry and was wondering if you had compared commvault against any other product and/or what your reason to test commvault first.

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