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My First Commvault Pain

I have been working with Commvault in our lab environment. So far it does everything we need, backing up from Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, SQL Server, GroupWise, and whatever else we have. It can write backups to Windows, Linux, Solaris and others.

My first lab setup was to backup from some Windows filesystems and Active Directory to a Solaris 10 box with lots of ZFS SATA disks. That worked great, and installing it, other than some naming funkiness in the different components, was easy enough.

The next setup was to have a secondary disk server to have another location for backups to end up. In our real-world environment, that other disk server is an x4500 with Solaris Nevada build 89 on it, which appears as Solaris 11. Unfortunately, this is not supported by Commvault. I managed to get the media agent installed by modifying the installation scripts to fake the scripts out into believing the server is Solars 10, but when the media agent tries to register itself to the CommServe server, it uses some binary executable to tell the server what OS it is running on, which causes the CommServe server to reject the media agent and not grant it a license.

I can get it to work, I’m sure, by doing a live upgrade to the latest official Solaris 10 05/08, and run that instead of Solaris Nevada, but it involves a chunk of work to change out the OS on that x4500, which is not the most fun thing in the world. I guess I’ll start preparing a live upgrade partition.

  1. John
    2008-12-15 at 23:37

    Hi Scott,
    I was reading your Commvault entries from July 2008. I’m curious as to what were the results of your tests? How was the software? Did it meet your requirements and expectations? Did you by it?


  2. Tony
    2009-04-27 at 03:19

    As for John, I was wondering what the end result of your Commvault project was?

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