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Quick ZFS Trick

2008-12-15 Leave a comment

I just built a new big disk array for disk-to-disk backup, and I want to re-purpose the old disk, but not for a while. I already have applications set up to write to /data/ on this server, so I want to build a new zfs pool with all it’s zfs filesystems mounted at data, where the old pool is.

First I created a new zpool from the new disks called datanew. Then I used zfs send and zfs receive to replicate the old pool onto the new one. Then, I did this neat trick to remount the old pool on /dataold/, and remount the new one on /data/.

zpool export data
zpool import data dataold

zpool export datanew
zpool import datanew data

The end result was that the new pool is now mounted at /data/ and I didn’t have to reconfigure any of my applications, and the old data is still available at /dataold/ just in case.

Every time I have to do anything funky with zfs filesystems it turns out to be super-easy and I’m always impressed.

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The coalition can’t work.

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How can a government work when it is formed from three parties with mutually exclusive aims? There is no reconciling one party that wants to take money from people who earn it and give it to people who won’t earn it, another party that wants to take a successful country, strip it of it’s money and leave with most of it, and a third party that wants to take the money from everyone whether they have any or not, and give it to their families, friends and associates. I’ll leave you to guess which description summarizes my impression of the NDP, BQ and Liberals.

None of the parties that were unsuccessful in the last election are forming this coalition for the betterment of Canada. If they wanted that they would be trying to form a coalition government with the party that actually won the election. They are doing it to selfishly take power.

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Dear Catholic Parents

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Here’s a letter to the editor of our local paper that I wrote this week when I read that come of the parents in the local Catholic (public) school district were considering disallowing the planned immunization program against HPV (the Human papillomavirus) for school-age girls. HPV is responsible for as many as 70 percent of reported cases of cervical cancer.

Dear Catholic Parents

I was distressed to read in the St. City News about the clearly misguided people who want to prevent young girls from being immunized at school against a widespread virus which can have deadly effects, HPV. Some Catholic school parents apparently want to allow a certain percentage of young girls to contract genital warts some time in their lives, and some percentage of those girls will get cervical cancer and die early. The parents think that by doing this they will be making sure that their daughters understand that promiscuity and early sexual activity are bad choices.

Now call me crazy, but I think the best way to make my daughter understand that becoming sexually active too early can have unfortunate and even dire consequences is to just tell her that, repeatedly. There are enough dire consequences to early sexual activity, like teenage pregnancy, other STDs, and social stigma, without us having to add preventable ones like HPV and cervical cancer.

It is a fact of life that youths make bad choices sometimes, the same as anyone else. As parents, it is our responsibility to ensure as much as possible that the consequences of bad choices made by our children are not debilitating or fatal. Presently, almost ALL people who are sexually active get HPV at some time in their lives, according to the CDC. The CDC has peer-reviewed scientific studies that prove that the vaccine is safe, effective, and will prevent HPV infections that cause seventy percent of cervical cancer cases when administered to girls who have not yet been exposed to HPV through sexual activity.

I would have failed as a parent if I were to allow my daughter to get a preventable case of cervical cancer because she might make a poor decision in the future. How about you?

St. Albert

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