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ZFS Borked

2009-04-28 7 comments

I have a Sun x4500 at work, with 48 500 GB disks in it, with 46 of those configured as a gigantic ZFS filesystem. A couple of weeks ago when I had to restart it, it wasn’t able to mount the ZFS filesystem. After bashing on it a bit to get it to boot up without mounting the ZFS filesystem, I was able to use Solaris’s format command to determine that I have two disks with bad blocks, but format was not able to repair them. Fortunately the two disks are in two different raidz groups, so the data is all still there.

I have been trying to disable the problem disks, so that I can mount the ZFS filesystems in degraded mode and at least get at my data. I use cfgadm -c unconfigure device to turn off the SATA port of the two problem disks, and then zpool import pool to import the pool. That takes forever, but during the import, I can manually mount some of the zfs filesystems and access the data for a while until the server locks up.

This is a real nuisance. I don’t know why disabling the bad disks doesn’t allow the system to work normally until my replacement disks arrive. Ok Internets, any ideas?

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Das Keyboard vs IBM Model M

2009-04-08 4 comments

I just saw this article on via reddit, reviewing a Das Keyboard and comparing it to an IBM Model M. I use a Das Keyboard every day, and I have loved it since I got it two years ago. Last weekend, I was taking a bunch of old electronics junk to the local recycle depot, and as I was unloading my van, I noticed perched on top of a pile of old junk, a pristine Model M keyboard. It was as if my attention was drawn to it by a stray sunbeam, illuminating just the keyboard.

Of course, I grabbed it and brought it to work, and tested it out. I couldn’t believe that I found a genuine Model M in excellent condition that was very clean and actually works! It was made with the 1984 design, but built in 1993, so it has a ps/2 connector instead of the old style big keyboard plug. What a find!

If you don’t know what is so special about an IBM Model M keyboard, you are not a typing snob or computer geek. If you do know what it is, writhe in envy.

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