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Das Keyboard vs IBM Model M

I just saw this article on techreport.com via reddit, reviewing a Das Keyboard and comparing it to an IBM Model M. I use a Das Keyboard every day, and I have loved it since I got it two years ago. Last weekend, I was taking a bunch of old electronics junk to the local recycle depot, and as I was unloading my van, I noticed perched on top of a pile of old junk, a pristine Model M keyboard. It was as if my attention was drawn to it by a stray sunbeam, illuminating just the keyboard.

Of course, I grabbed it and brought it to work, and tested it out. I couldn’t believe that I found a genuine Model M in excellent condition that was very clean and actually works! It was made with the 1984 design, but built in 1993, so it has a ps/2 connector instead of the old style big keyboard plug. What a find!

If you don’t know what is so special about an IBM Model M keyboard, you are not a typing snob or computer geek. If you do know what it is, writhe in envy.

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  1. Patrick Ng
    2010-11-14 at 17:16

    You are one lucky guy to have found a pristine Model M for free. I have seen some sites saying that the Das is like the Model M, but I don’t think this is correct.I am not saying that the Das is bad and the Model M is good. They are completely different keyboads using completely different technologies. I have a preference for the blue Cherry MX switches of Das, but I certainly do like the “meaty” buckling spring of the Model M from time to time.

  2. Don
    2013-06-14 at 23:06

    I am not in envy for your keyboard. I am using a genuine IBM model M 1987 version right now. It is made of better quality than your 1993, which is lighter, and has no removable cable.

  3. Stefano
    2014-04-19 at 13:40

    Original Model M from a 1989 PS/2 computer, here. How many keyboards today can pride themselves to carry on their underside the exact manufacturing date (06-11-1989), and not one but three signatures marked “built”, “tested” and “inspected”, not printed but hand-drawn?
    Oh, and this is at home; I have another original one at work — without the label on the underside, unfortunately.

    • Alex
      2015-11-05 at 12:03

      My Model F has 5 distinct signatures.

      Looks like I just beat you by two signatures!

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