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Biked to work for a week

2009-08-17 Leave a comment

Several years ago I cracked my tailbone. That makes sitting on a bike seat hurt.

Last winter I decided I needed some kind of exercise to do over the summer during non-snowboarding season, and I really liked biking when I was younger, so I started looking into recumbent bikes. I figured one of those would let me ride without tailbone pain. I eventually decided on a recumbent trike from Terratrike and I bought one at Bentley Cycle in the spring. I had grand plans to do a lot of bike commuting to work.

The summer was very busy for us with two kids swimming in different competitive programs, so I only managed to cycle to work a few times prior to August.

Last week, however, I decided to try to go a whole week on human power for my work commute. I enjoyed it tremendously, and although our family’s schedule won’t allow me to bike every day in September, I am going to do as much as I can.

I learned a few things:

  • Drivers are weirded out by recumbent trikes and generally give them lots of room.
  • You have to pick a route that doesn’t require a lot of curb-hopping if you ride a recumbent trike.
  • I have to bring more food when I ride to work, or I die on the way home.
  • Recumbents are awesome for commuting and you don’t get sore at all.
  • I’m not as unfit as I thought I was, just fat.

I had a lot of fun this summer working my way up to being able to handle five days in a row of a 46 km round-trip commute, but it wasn’t as tough as I expected. On a recumbent, it’s like nothing to ride for a couple of hours, and it’s surprisingly fast, especially downhill.

On my commute, at first I had a tendency to want to go as fast as possible, but I discovered that if I just went steadily, and concentrated on a smooth cadence, my times didn’t change much and I got much less tired by the end. I was also less stressed getting home from work than after driving. It takes a bit longer to bike, but is much less frustrating.

It would sure be nice though if there were some better bike routes between Edmonton and St. Albert.

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Oracle Passworded PDF

2009-08-06 1 comment

I was in the process of renewing our Oracle support agreement today, when our Oracle sales rep sent me a PDF license agreement form to fill out and sign. The form was password protected to prevent me from filling it out electronically. They wanted me to print it out, fill it out with a pen (can you believe it) and then scan it back in again and email it back.

I removed the password, filled it out electronically, and sent it back. I pointed out that their password is an unnecessary and useless waste of effort. We’ll see what they say.

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