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Novell is Closing Novell Forge

2009-09-29 47 comments

Novell launched Novell Forge a few years ago to host open source application projects on. I have an open source application for GroupWise called MailSaver, which lets users save whole folders worth of email all at once to text files from GroupWise to disk. I moved it to being hosted on Novell Forge when it opened.

I have now moved the download again to a place that won’t go away when Novell Forge shuts down in December. You can find the link to the installer and the source code on the MailSaver page of this site.

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ZFS Not Borked

2009-09-25 2 comments

A while back I posted an article where I thought the gigantic data volume on our Sun x4500 server was corrupted or lost because of a faulty disk. I tried a bunch of troubleshooting to no avail. I couldn’t get the system to boot up and mount the 20 TB zfs data volume cleanly. I was at the point where I had written off the data on that volume.

I left this problem alone for a long while, having bigger fish to fry in the mean time. Yesterday I got back to it, and decided to just nuke the system and start from fresh. I installed the latest build of Solaris 10 on it, which because it’s Sun hardware, went very smoothly. Then, once I had the boot environment configured I tried importing the zfs volume that I thought was screwed, and it imported cleanly. The data is all there, and the volume mounts automatically when I reboot it. I’m doing a pool scrub to validate the data, but it seems to be all available.

I decided to try this because I had a similar problem on another machine with a much smaller zpool. The zpool stopped mounting and started acting really weird after I destroyed a zvol that was shared via iscsi. Doing a clean install of Solaris fixed the problem and the zpool is still ok.

I’m relieved to get the data back, because there was about 9 TB of useful stuff on there (mostly backups of production data from the last year or so).

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X Mouse Yes!

2009-09-25 Leave a comment

I learned how to use X-Windows on Linux more than 10 years ago. One of the things I always liked was the way the mouse worked. If you moved the mouse into a window (without clicking) that window was selected and ready for input, without moving to the foreground. If you selected text, it was instantly copied to the paste buffer (clipboard) when you released the mouse button, and the third mouse button (the wheel nowdays) would paste it. You could push a window to the background by right-clicking on it’s title bar to reveal the window underneath.

You could get some of this functionality in Windows XP with Microsoft’s TweakUI, but it wasn’t quite right and it was very slow to select new windows when you put the cursor in them.

Today, years after I started using XP, I discovered something called True X-Mouse Gizmo for Windows. It is a tiny executable that you run on login (copy it anywhere, and have it run via a shortcut in the Startup folder) and it gives you exactly the mouse functionality of X-Windows. Awesome.

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