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Windows 7 HP Driver Uninstall Warning

2009-11-09 Leave a comment

I have an HP Colorsmart C5100 multifunction printer. It has some stupid HP DRM technology that makes it think the ink cartridges are empty when they are brand new. After reading literally a hundred complaints on the HP forum about other people with the same problem (printer says yellow cartridge is empty, owner buys a new one and installs it, printer says it’s still empty, repeat) and zero helpful support from HP, I decided to buy a Canon printer. It works great with both my macs and my PC.

To finalize my HP experience, I just uninstalled my HP C5100 drivers and all the additional useless software that HP installs with it from my Windows 7 laptop. At the end of the uninstall, there is no option to reboot later, it just reboots your computer without asking.

To add a final shot, when my computer rebooted, every single desktop background, profile icon, taskbar icon and entry in my program files menu was erased by the HP uninstaller. Bite me HP. Now I’m probably looking at a reinstall of Windows 7 and my dozens of applications, to be sure all my stuff is working properly. You can bet there won’t be a driver or software product from HP among the reinstalls.

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