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Another Bike Update

2010-09-29 Leave a comment

We’re getting well into fall weather now, and there’s been a lot of rain in August and September. My kids’ swimming season has also started up, so we have carpooling for swim practice. Despite these impediments, I’m still trying to ride as much as I can.

For the season, I’m up to 26 or 27 commutes, including today, for about 1200 km of commuting, plus another 450 km of recreational riding. Since I bought the bike I’ve done more bike trips than trike trips, but I still enjoy both.

I’ve had four flats this year, something I didn’t experience at all last year. Once my tire even went flat in the bike parking area at work during the workday. I’m not sure what happened there.

Dammit! 3rd flat tire this summer! on Twitpic
I also stupidly broke the seat frame of the bike last week. The bike came with a seatback bag that has a sleeve that slides over the top of the seat. It wasn’t fitting properly, and I noticed that the two rails that make up the top of the seatback were bent towards each other a bit, making the top of the seat to narrow to retain the seat bag. I foolishly tried to bend them apart, and ended up breaking off one of the rails. I created a frankensteinish repair using a hardwood rod inserted inside the aluminum frame tubing of the seat and it seems to be holding up reasonably well, but I need to get it repaired or replaced. I wrote about it on the Bent Rider Online forums, and I may have a line on a used replacement seat from a generous reader.

I’ve also been being plagued by a section of bike trail on my route that is getting deeper and deeper underwater. The city of Edmonton built the trail last summer along a major road, beside the ditch. The storm water culvert at the end of the ditch is at least 30 cm higher than the lowest point of the trail, and the result has been that there is a 40 metre section of trail under water. This morning the rear cassette on my bike was submerged as I traversed the water.

I’m going to keep riding as much as I can this fall, as long as the weather holds out. Last year my last commute was November 18. Judging by the fall we’ve had so far, I’m not going to make it that late in the year this year.

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