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Matched Last Year’s Bike Commuting

It’s taken a while, and I’m into November again, but I’ve matched my bike commuting total from last year. I hadn’t ridden in a couple of weeks due to work being really busy, but I decided to ride today. At the beginning of November here, sunrise is at about 08:35, and sunset is at 18:00. That means the whole commute to work is in the dark, and it will be after sunset before I get home again.

I prepared for the dark by getting my night-time riding gear ready, including reflective jacket, headlight, two flashing taillights, extra batteries and clear lenses for my sunglasses. Despite having biked to work lots this year and last year, the break I took for the past couple of weeks combined with the darkness had me nervous about riding today.

I left home to a clear sky with lots of stars and a sharp quarter moon, with five degree temperature. It was beautiful. I got warmed up and feeling good, and partway through my trepidation evaporated. I enjoyed the ride tremendously and realized that with the right lights and some safe riding technique, it wasn’t anymore dangerous than riding in the daytime.

Then I got a flat. Ah well.

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  1. aalo
    2010-11-10 at 12:12

    Hi! Do you commute on your recumbent trike in the snow? A

    • 2010-11-10 at 13:11

      Last year I commuted in a bit of light snow on my trike, but it gets down to daytime highs of below -20C here, which is too cold for an hour each way commute. Also the bike trails get covered in half a metre or more of hard icy snow, which is pretty much impassable on three wheels, and riding on roads with traffic when there are giant snowbanks on both sides is too dangerous for my tastes. All winter commuters here ride mountain bikes, usually steel hardtails. It’s too cold for anything else.

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