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RIM Playbook Impressions

2011-04-29 Leave a comment
One of our engineers bought herself a RIM Playbook last weekend. She
brought it to me to look at yesterday. It’s a surprisingly nice little
device. It felt solid, and the user interface was pretty responsive.
The email program connected to her Blackberry smartphone, and
apparently the email only supports working through a
bluetooth-connected Blackberry, so that’s a severe limitation.

There was a web browser that could be used to get online through the
connected Blacberry as well, but the included Gmail, Yahoo Mail and
Hotmail icons didn’t work that way. Those apps can only connect via
Wi-Fi. That seems to be another very stupid limitation.

It came with Documents to Go, which provides Word, Excel and
Powerpoint, and it also has an Adobe Reader app, so you can access
your office documents. Plugging it into a computer makes it show up as
a USB hard drive, so you can just copy your files onto it. For
business use, that makes it superior to the iTunes-centric philosophy
of the iPad, in terms of files. The Adobe Reader app seems to have a
foolish limitation that renders it almost useless: It can’t search
within a PDF file. If you open a 500 page PDF, you can’t search for a
word and jump to that page. For big engineering contract documents,
that severely limits it’s utility.

I think the future models that have integrated 3G will be more
compelling. Either that, or they could make the bluetooth internet
connection through the Blackberry smartphone more fully featured so
that apps that work over WiFi also work over the Blackberry
connection. She’s going to use it for work for a while and then
hopefully I can talk to her again about how it’s going.

We need to figure out some kind of a strategy for tablets. More users
are starting to ask about them.

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