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Raspberry Pi Unboxing

2012-08-01 2 comments

I recently received my Raspberry Pi computer after months of excited waiting. It arrived in this nondescript package.


In the tradition of people buying and opening beautifully packaged new Apple devices, I thought I’d produce an Unboxing blog entry.


Inside the envelope, there was a page of compliance testing statements for numerous countries, a packing list, and the elaborately packaged Raspberry Pi. I must say that the Canadian emissions compliance statement is the most concise and reasonable of the nations represented.


After opening the small box, I had to take back the “elaborately packaged” comment. The packaging consists of an anti-static bag in a box that’s about as robust as one for playing cards.


Here’s the Pi in all it’s minimalistic glory. It’s even smaller than I expected, despite the designers taking up a couple of square centimetres for the Raspberry Pi Foundation logo.


Here it is compared to my moderately large hand for a size comparison. These things are tiny!

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