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Raspberry Pi Unboxing

I recently received my Raspberry Pi computer after months of excited waiting. It arrived in this nondescript package.


In the tradition of people buying and opening beautifully packaged new Apple devices, I thought I’d produce an Unboxing blog entry.


Inside the envelope, there was a page of compliance testing statements for numerous countries, a packing list, and the elaborately packaged Raspberry Pi. I must say that the Canadian emissions compliance statement is the most concise and reasonable of the nations represented.


After opening the small box, I had to take back the “elaborately packaged” comment. The packaging consists of an anti-static bag in a box that’s about as robust as one for playing cards.


Here’s the Pi in all it’s minimalistic glory. It’s even smaller than I expected, despite the designers taking up a couple of square centimetres for the Raspberry Pi Foundation logo.


Here it is compared to my moderately large hand for a size comparison. These things are tiny!

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  1. Waltraut
    2012-08-02 at 08:15

    Me very much behind the times. Always thought Raspberry Pi was for eating ha ha.

  2. Keith Jones
    2012-08-02 at 09:44

    Hey Scott! I’m interested to see what you do with this. What apps are you going to run. Is it networked? Some screenshots would be great to see. I’d also like to know what the performance is like on web apps.



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