MailSaver is a tool I have written for manually archiving email from Novell GroupWise in an open format. It saves entire folders from GroupWise’s Cabinet all at once, into plain text and html files that are automaticlly named on the fly. Attachments can optionally be saved too, in their original format.

MailSaver is a plugin for the Windows GroupWise client, and works with GroupWise 6.0, 6.5, and GroupWise 7.0 SP2 or Higher. There are some bugs in Novell’s GroupWise client APIs which prevent it from working in GroupWise 7.0 without SP2 or higher.

MailSaver is open source, thanks to the generous agreement of my company. You can download and use MailSaver for free, and you can download the source code and use it to learn the GroupWise APIs for extending the user interface of the Windows client and manipulating the user datastore. No warranty is offered or implied.

In 2010, our company migrated to Exchange from GroupWise, and I stopped working on MailSaver. Some of the users of MailSaver were interested in adding new features and supporting newer version of GroupWise, so Jon Schneider took the source code for MailSaver 4.0 and modified it. Now it supports GroupWise versions newer than version 7, and it also allows the saving of nested folders of messages. Jon’s website is here. He doesn’t have any info posted about his work on MailSaver, but there is a link to his 5.0b version below.



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